Cola communities were very excited to benefit from the credible water scheme which was officially handed over by Alfred Nzo District Municipality, this was witnessed by an 88 year old Fotiwe Ethel Nogaya who stays with her granddaughter. “We’ve been waiting for this moment to arrive since we had no water for a long time thank you to our government.’’ said Nogaya.

She also said that her granddaughter is always at school most of the time so she can be able to carry a small bucket of water since the water tap water is just nearby her gate.


encouraged communities to take care of the scheme and vandalism will not be tolerated. Cllr Mohale also said that the Municipality is striving to overcome the backlog that the District is currently facing by providing communities with boreholes as an intervention. 

Meanwhile a 51 year Nozenzile Jikijela hails from the same Cola village said it’s like she is dreaming as she cannot believe that today they are receiving clean water. “We used to share water with animals sometimes you find dirty water and you wouldn’t even know what to do but today its all  the thing of the past. ‘’ said Jikijela.


projects amounts to R 2, 154 122.11 and fifteen (15) jobs opportunities were created during the contraction to communities of and approximately hundred and sixty two (162) household that  benefited from the water scheme.

 Mzuthule Mqala is one the beneficiary of the water scheme project during the contraction this is what he had to saying to Alfred Nzo News team: look to me the project has made a huge impact as I have managed to buy school uniform for my kids and be able to put bread on the table for my family as well. He concluded by saying today we are witnessing a history in making but also urge our government to fast-track electrification of the village since they have started already.