Alfred Nzo District Municipality


Executive Mayor, Cllr. Vukile Mhlelembana accompanied by Mayor of Ntabankulu Local Municipality, Cllr. Tsileng Sobuthongo, engaged in a Mayoral Imbizo with the communities of Bomvini and Nyokweni villages in the Ntabankulu Local Municipality.

The Imbizo is a result of an engagement session between a delegation led by Traditional Leaders from these two villages and Executive Mayor. The Imbizo seeks to provide responses and solutions to the challenges raised in the said engagement session.

Issues raised by community members relate to water challenges, access roads that are in bad condition, lack of employment, electricity related issues (load shedding and electrification of households) and crime amongst other things.

In line with District Development Model (DDM) the Executive Mayor also extended invitation to Head of Departments (or their representatives)of Government Sector Departments within to assist in responding and providing solutions on matters that are not necessarily within the mandate of the District Municipality and Local Municipality.

The Imbizo is based on the premise that ordinary citizens are their own liberators and can contribute solutions to some of the challenges facing Government in the implementation of its service delivery projects. Imbizo is therefore an important platform for citizens, community members and their organized formations to get updates and engage elected public representatives around issues of governance, transformation and service delivery.

Speaking at the Imbizo, Executive Mayor, Cllr. Vukile Mhlelembana said: “We are here because we are a caring government and we have heard the cries of people who live here. We have brought with us all the necessary stakeholders involved in various government departments and sectors so that they can each answer the questions of this community themselves”.

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