Alfred Nzo District Municipality

Infrastructure Development and Municipal Services

Alfred Nzo District Municipality is a Water Services Authority and Water Services Provider.

The Infrastructure Department (IDMS) is responsible for the following:

  • Planning of water services programmes
  • Implementation of MIG programme and
  • Ensuring provisioning of water to the end users

The Department consists of 5 and these are:

  • Waters Services Authority (WSA)
  • Project Management Unit (PMU)
  • Water Services Provisioning (WSP)
  • Engineering Services Unit and (ESU)
  • Emergency Response Unit (ERU)

NB: Only three units are populated i.e. WSA, PMU and WSP

WSA is responsible for Planning and Policy formulation.

  • Planning includes but not limited to the following programmes:
  • Wastewater Treatment – quality standards – pollution prevention
  • Sanitation Master Plan
  • Water Conservation and Water Demand Management Plan (WCDM)
  • Water Services Development Plan (WSDP)
  • District Integrated Transport Plan (DITP)
  • Electricity Sector Plan
  • Groundwater Management Plan
  • Dam Management Safety Plan
  • Health and Safety Plan
  • Effluent Management Plan
  • Emergency Response Plan for waterborne disease outbreak
  • Planning includes but not limited to the following programmes
  • Section 78 Assessment
  • Free Basic Services Policy (FBS)
  • Water Services by-laws and policies
  • Indigent policy
  • Tariff policy

PMU is responsible for:

  • Project Implementation
  • Monitoring and Reporting to Funder
  • Implementation of IDP projects through the PMU
  • EPWP programme
  • Municipal Infrastructure Grant funding management

Water Services Provisioning Unit: Responsible for:

  • Operations and Maintenance of Infrastructure
  • Asset Management
  • Water Treatment – maintain quality standards
  • Wastewater Treatment – quality standards – pollution prevention
  • Customer Relations – effective communications & information dissemination
  • Water Services Provisioning
  • O & M Plans
  • WCDM Strategy Implementation
  • WSP Business Plan
  • Staff Development and Retention
  • Water Quality Management


  • Our approach to the sustainability of our projects at community level, through the institutional and social development unit, this seeks to empower and transfer skills to the communities, so that the people not only participated in their development but also create a sense of ownership.
  • The ISD deals with community participation in ensuring that communities are part of the development process (decision making) The ISD thus refers to both what needs to be done as well as an approach of HOW things should be done within a context of community participation in order to achieve sustainable development. Development refers to a process of social, economic and human empowerment through which ordinary people gains greater control over factors which control their lives. It is a process where people are at the centre of their own development with the necessary support of others.


Engineering Services: This unit will be responsible for:

  • Designing Coordination of:
  • Electricity planning
  • Transport planning
  • Building maintenance

Emergency Response Unit: This unit will be responsible for:

  • Emergencies like:
  • Sudden water supply breakages
  • Electricity breakdowns (provide alternative power sources)
  • Attending to spillage of poisonous and dangerous substances
  • Water quality monitoring
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