• Equitable implementation of Municipal Health Services
  • Management of Customer care services
  • Management of Creative Arts, Heritage, Museums and Thusong Development Services
  • Management of Distaster and Risk Management services
  • Management of Fire & Rescue Services

Community Development Services (CDS) is comprised of the following units;


    As stipulated in the National Health Act and the Local Government Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000, emanating from the Constitution of the Republic of SA, MHS is responsible for;

    • Implementation of the Scope of Practice of Environmental Health as it applies and ensures that the people of Alfred Nzo District Municipality are given the attention they deserves on issues of Municipal Health Services
    • By law enforcement as it applies to the scope of profession
    • Implementation of Air quality Management function


    The Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000,   Chapter 9, Section 95(a) stipulates that: a municipality must within its financial and administrative mandate establish a sound customer management system that aims to create a positive and reciprocal relationship between persons liable for payment of services and the municipality hence the existence of the customer care unit charged with the following;

    •  Strives to set standards and policies for the whole organization  to  ensure   continuous improvement on customer centricity through the district
    •  identification of needs, perceptions and requirements within and outside the organization to bridge any possible service gaps
    • examining and reviewing current  Public education  strategies to address community awareness of ANDM and government services and relationships,
    • coordination  and promotion of Batho Pele Championship Programme throughout the district
    • resourcing of satellite call canters as multi-optional points where the ANDM community can interact by means of letters, emails, telephone and physical visits( walk inns)
    • providing advice and guidance on the development of effective, professional and sustainable approaches with respect to positioning Alfred Nzo District Municipality favourably within the local community and broader sector.
    • manage , Coordinate, Implement and support Crime Prevention Programmes throughout the district


    Responsible for disaster risk management and response services.Disaster risk management is a multi-disciplinary, multi-sectorial integrated and uniform process of planning that focuses on the prevention and reduction of risks of disaster, mitigating their severity, ensure emergency preparedness and also provide for the rapid response to disasters and post-disaster recovery.

    The KPAs as legislated in the Disaster Management Services (Act 57 of 2002)

    • Integrated institutional capacity for disaster risk management.
    • Disaster Risk assessment.
    • Disaster Risk reduction.
    • Disaster Response and recovery.


is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the safety of ANDM community and tourists by; providing effective emergency response services and quality prevention and education programmes that will minimize the loss of life and property resulting from fires and other emergency situations.
  • The Unit is organized into four divisions. Each division has functional Sections which are responsible for the accomplishment of specific functional goals and objectives. Its legislative mandate is based and withdrawn from the Fire Brigade Services Act No. 99 of 1987.

I. Management & Administration

II. Operations Division is responsible for fire suppression and rescue (quality prevention and education programs)

III. In-house (Personnel) and Public Training

IV. Safety & Support Services


  • Thusong Service Centers are one-stop, integrated community development centers, with community participation and services relevant to people’s needs.
  • aim to empower the poor and disadvantaged through access to information, services and resources from government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), parastatals, business, etc. enabling them to engage in government programmes for improvement of their lives.
  • Government’s vision for Thusong Service Centers is to provide every South African citizen with access to information and services within their place of residence and in each local municipality by 2014 with the purpose of improving the quality of their lives through integrated service delivery.
  • Seeks to ensure the provision for a dynamic infrastructure which will allow for future inclusion of other heritage institutions into all heritage sites and museums assigned to ANDM;
  • Ensure the facilitation of the sustainable development of heritage appreciation through exhibitions and focused educational programmes.
  • Ensure the promotion of local museums through co-operation with national and provincial museum structures.
  • Empower civil society to nurture and conserve their heritage resources so that they may be bequeathed to future generations;