Alfred Nzo District Municipality

Office of the Municipal Manager

Internal Audit

Mr. S. Nelani
Internal Audit Manager
039 254 5190

The Internal Audit Charter describes the nature, responsibility, status and authority of Internal Auditing of the Alfred Nzo District Municipality, and sets out the scope of the internal audit work.

The aim of Internal Audit is to provide independent and objective assurance and is designed to add value and improve the municipality’s operations. It helps the municipality accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and the governance process.

Risk Management

Mr. M. Khambula
Risk and Compliance Manager
Tel: 039 254 5192
Fax: 039 254 0343

The risk management unit is a unit under the office of the Municipal Manager and its purpose is to provide guidance to all departments and Council on risk management activities as well as co-ordinate the process of the identification of risks facing our municipality and management of those risks by management to ensure that ANDM achieves its objectives.

Communications Unit

Mr. L. Petela

Government communication empowers and encourages citizens to participate in democracy and improve the lives of all.

The unit aims to lead the strategic communication of government through submitting a district communication strategy to Council and ensuring coherence of messages, open and extended channels of communication between government and the people, towards a shared vision.

  • The communication Unit play a major role in advancing government communications to all local municipalities. 
  • Media Engagement drives interaction and communication between government and the media. Communications conducts media monitoring and develops appropriate communication interventions and initiatives.




Debt collection

Labour Relations

Municipal Code

Legal Advice





Mr. M. Vakalisa



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